Counselling is a means of dealing with a client’s problems in the here and now and provides simple yet powerful ways to:

* Increase understanding in communication with others
* Deal with stress and change healthily.
* Handle and resolve conflict.

* Understand human behaviour.

* Gain autonomy and build self-esteem.

During a session with Jan you may learn about why people behave the way they do; why people are stuck; how relationships may be improved; identify your goals and do some goal setting

Psychotherapy is about getting to the deep core issues that prevent us from reaching the potential of which we know we are capable. To do this we need to dig into the past, where the child made certain decisions about how to conduct his/her life in order to survive - and these decisions which are no longer suitable for maturity and no longer serve the adult well, need to be adapted and changed.

Transactional Analysis
Jan is a trained Counsellor and Psychotherapist and uses Transactional Analysis which is both a theory of human
personality and a system for the improvement of personal functioning and human relations. It helps us to understand what is going on inside ourselves and others and how we interact with each other. There are times we react in a certain situation and have no idea why - working with Jan can help you to understand and then work on the emotions behind the reaction, enabling a healthy outcome where your needs can be met in an easy and peaceful manner. It provides methods to help reach awareness, understanding, and to make constructive changes in our emotional, belief and behavioural systems. It provides the client with the language and understanding needed to develop new options for resolving their life problems.

Most of our decisions on how to perform in this world are formed at a very early age when adult brain processing is not available to us – in effect when we are a midget in a world of giants, and everything seems too big and overwhelming. This “script” of life we carry on, with no adult awareness, most of our life, wondering why things “always happen to us”. As the client learns the emotions and understands the reasoning behind those early decisions, they make new choices about what they want to think and feel and therefore are able to re-write their “script”. TA recognises that although each of us has different skills and levels of competency, we all have the ability to work through our issues and that no one person is any better than the other.

Working with Jan through problems and challenges which you may face from time to time in your life is done in a totally non-judgmental and safe environment.