Some Good Advice

Written by Regina Brett, 90 years old. This is something we should all read at least once a week!!!!!
"To celebrate growing older, I once wrote the 45 lessons life taught me. It is the most requested column I've ever written.
My odometer rolled over to 90 in August, so here is the column once more:
1. Life isn't fair, but it's still good.
2. When in doubt, just take the next small step

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Oprah Winfrey is Inspirational !!! 

I was lucky enough to participate in watching Oprah Winfrey’s last show (yes...that was me on the couch watching at home) and once again I was so inspired by her and her life and her words.  She spent the whole last hour on her feet, walking to and fro and telling us how it was for her.  I would like to share with you some of her words as they reflect how I feel.

What I know for sure is that we are all called, everybody has a calling & your real job is to figure out what that is & get on with the business of doing it.

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PostHeaderIcon Energy Change by Lynette - The Soul Factory

Huge surge of energy as predicted coming into early March.

Solar eclipse around the 22 nd Feb brought with it great waves of change and re alignment. Ending a period of vibration so we can begin the next level. 

All old fears, wounds, terrors and patterns will emerge to be cleared and recognized in the next period. We have had several emails about anxiety and a feel of helplessness in the last week. It has truly being like a surge or a wave. If you haven't felt it yet your energy is protected above the vibration or you may in the next week or so. Be mindful that this energy is around and all is heightened right now. 

Things won't be able to be swept under the carpet as the energies are fluxing so much that it will force us as i said in the first email for the year - "to stare them in the face so we can be given the wings to fly"

Be gentle with yourself - be gentle with others. And when you can,  be proactive to keep moving things into power and forward. Also at  this time you cannot know what others are truly going through to move their ship to the right place for them.

So approach the world from the perspective that everyone is doing what is right for them and in the best way they can.. if you need to approach anything do it gently and with least conflict.

It's as if we are being asked to paddle upstream into place.. slowly, with big deep breaths keep paddling.. it is leading somewhere. Any disenchantment will be replaced in june/ july - do not lose your faith now even when things may seem they are going no where. I know - it really is not always easy.

This is a big time of re-alignment and you want to continue to place your energy choice in the belief in the light although there will be days when you feel like you can't be bothered and just want to cocoon. We need to do this also - it builds a deeper connection with ourselves.

One of the best things to do right now is to stop, feel and listen for the messages re the way forward. Gain energy from simple gentle things - gravitate away from things that are harsh and have conflict in them. Approach everything with spiritual energy and perspective.. it will soften the journey. 

The best information - the new information will come from spiritual and intuitive guidance from deep within yourself. And don't be hard on yourself. We can keep moving forward on paths we want, yet we need to be flexible as the energies change gearing - working with them not against them. 

If you are soaring and moving forward  - keep grounded and continue to harness the energies you are creating with a deep respect for the force of the vibrations at play. Stay focused and keep generating the energy. 

If you are trying something over and over and it is not working - approach it in a new way .. even a way you wouldn't expect yourself to try. In partnerships and relationships we need to do things from a place of power.. it may be time to gently speak up .. call the relationship and yourself back into truth and power so things can move to more!

Financially energy can be difficult right now - we are being asked to draw on deeper and higher energies and talents. You may need to reassess - re- organise etc. It is a good time to do that now. Open to your miracle vibration and talent and step towards things that are very natural for you to receive energy flow. More will open up and flow again soon. 

There is much energy available if we can get ourselves higher then the vibrations that are clearing. This is not 2011.. .everything is trying to become more. Do you best to navigate stepping into it.. even if you have to move a few things, create new things, heal something first. 

Be brave - ride the dragon rather than being slayed by it..


Great Quote !

from Criminal Minds TV series

“Our scars remind us where we  have been, they don’t need to shape our future”  ...  that’s why we have therapy!


PLUTO has turned direct


After a number of days of standing still. . .after a 5 month journey of moving backwards, this morning in the pre-dawn (east coast Oz) stillness. . . Pluto moved forward. Relief? Well the journey's not over yet. . .

Pluto has taken us, willing or not, to the depths of the underworld. . .his job to show us what we try so hard to forget. . .what we allow to lie hidden in dark crevices of our psyche. Pluto's journey can be rugged, it's not a journey we would normally volunteer for. . .he's not the most popular guy on the block. . .but he's dedicated, truly decicated to getting the job done.

When a planet is 'Retrograde' it's energy is turned inward. . . now Pluto's energy is naturally pretty inward. . .so a double wammy, you could say. He focuses in on the deepest, deepest, hidden specs of our psyche. . . .he misses nothing. His job is renewal, death and rebirth. . .he has no time for superficial niceness. . .he represents life in it's basic structure. . .there's no pretending here.

So the last 5 months have been an exploration, often painful, of all that's been hidden from the self. . . .He stood still for a few days. . . intensifying and illuminating even more the journey that's occured. . . now as of a few hours ago. . .he's moving forward again. .

Your body could still be in shock. . .it needs much rest and nurturance. . .it's been through a lot. The job is not over yet. . .the entire physiology needs to accomodate and assimilate all this restructuring. . . be kind to yourself, it's important now.

Seek out those who love and support you. . .this is an intense time of healing. . .love yourself as you would your own newly born baby. . .a new birth has definately occured. . .and a new life is unfolding.

Information of this Pluto movement is thankfully drawn from the Blog Many Magick Moments : Check it out!