Jan Sansom

Counselling & Psychotherapy

Tarot & Spiritual Teacher

Mind ~ Emotion ~ Memory

When we address all of these levels
then healing can occur and we can create new memories,
that give us some lovely emotions which we can keep in our mind!


Using our mind in learning so that we can change old thought patterns that no longer work in our favour.


Even when our mind knows what is right, the emotion around different thoughts and patterns need to be addressed in the Child ego state.


Accessing our memories in order that we may change our own perception of those and perhaps view them in a more positive light.

What Sessions does Jan Offer?

Counselling & Psychotherapy

Counselling & Psychotherapy

There are times in life when we react in a certain situation and have no idea why. You just know you feel confused and need support. Jan uses counselling and psychotherapy interventions to help you feel empowered again.
Tarot Readings

Tarot Readings

Tarot is a divine tool that can provide insight into the past, present and future. Jan is an honest, intuitive psychic Reader who provides accurate messaging from the magic of Tarot.

Are you ready to learn?

Counselling & Psychotherapy Courses

Counselling & Psychotherapy Courses

Jan teaches nationally recognised Counselling skills, Life Skills, Psychotherapy certifications and Diploma in Counselling in conjunction with the Redman Institute
Tarot Courses

Tarot Courses

Jan has developed her own series of Tarot classes that take students on a journey of discovery through 4 levels to help you develop your own natural intuition and spiritual connection.

About Jan

My passion is to motivate & inspire!

Human behaviour is one of Jan’s passions and she uses these to obtain information as to why a person has obstacles or challenges in their life, and to provide them with the necessary tools to access the key to reclaiming their inherent joy in their lives.

Are you ready for change?

Jan is here to support you through the changes life is bringing you!
You are not alone!
Working with Jan you will feel empowered and inspired!